Hi folks,

After what has been a dreadful few months for sales I have had to make a few decisions regarding the future of the business.
Since the New Year I have seen a constant decline in sales both here in the U.K. and overseas. There are obvious reasons for this of course, the sharp increase in the cost of living, the chaos left by Covid and the postage / export costs incurred by Brexit.
I prefer to be honest with all my customers, I’m not going to paint a picture of booming sales because frankly it’s just not true. I am struggling. That is the top and bottom of it.
Although my overheads are relatively small compared to others, the costs involved still have to be met. Studio rent, electricity, raw materials and packaging all cost money. When the cash flow that pays for these costs starts to dry up then you’ll appreciate that I have to do something to try and stay afloat.

I had plans for this year but unfortunately these plans will not come to fruition due to the costs involved. The planned 15mm range will now be shelved for now along with any expansion of the 20mm ranges. I will instead be concentrating on expanding the 10mm range which I already have a relatively healthy customer base for and also the continuation of the 3mm range.
I’ve been running Battlescale for six years now and I have no intentions of giving up after the huge amount of work that has so far gone into it.

Now is the time that I really need your help and continued support. Every order, large or small makes a massive difference to me.
Finally a massive thank you to my wife Kim who has been a huge support to me throughout. Without her the Battlescale ranges would not exist.

Regards to all,