Today marks our first year of trading and I would like to thank everyone who has supported my little venture since that very first day.
It’s really hard to believe that a year has passed since I collected the keys to the studio with a couple of benches, a little machinery and five wax models all ready for moulding in the back of my van.
With the help of regular, returning customers, many of whom have become good friends, the 10mm range has slowly grown and our 6mm range has continued to prove very popular.
It is still a massive thrill to receive orders from far and wide and to see our products in action on a customers’ tabletop battlefield.
I still try and produce items that I personally would be happy to include in my own games and I will always be a stickler for quality. If someone is good enough to part with their hard earned cash for one of our pieces then the least I can do is ensure that it is manufactured to the highest standard I can attain.
My plans for 2018 are very much ‘as you were’. Both the 10mm and 6mm ranges will be expanded further (our very latest 6mm offering is pictured here) and I hope that you will enjoy my future offerings!
My thanks again to all that have supported me over the past year, it is very much appreciated.