ClearHorizon Miniatures release the Bison 4x4 Utility Truck and Turret-Mounted Autocannon

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Bison 4x4 Utility Truck

Ubiquitous on the outer-colonies, the Bison 4x4 has served in a myriad of roles from cargo hauling at backwater spaceports to heavy weapon platforms in numerous border conflicts. Designed for long-lasting rugged use, the Bison can run on a variety of fuels and comes standard with an armored passenger compartment to keep out hostile environments.

Often seen in hands of corporate security, colonial insurgents (or freedom fighters) and even the occasional Special Ops team, the Bison 4x4 can be easily modified to carry a variety of heavy weapons.

The Bison is also available, at a discounted price, with the General Purpose, Turret-Mounted Autocannon.

The Bison is a 15mm scale metal and resin multi-part model kit. Sculpted by Steve "CoolHand3d" Taylor.

General Purpose, Turret-Mounted Autocannon

The General Purpose, Turret-Mounted Autocannon is designed for extended use with minimal maintenance. It can be found in numerous roles included static base defense, heavy ambush or vehicle-mounted for mobility.

The autocannon features large automated ammo hoppers and can be operated via remote-link or AI-driven.

The General Purpose, Turret-Mounted Autocannon is available with the Bison 4x4 at a discounted price.

The General Purpose, Turret-Mounted Autocannon is a two-part metal model. Sculpted by Steve "CoolHand3d" Taylor.

The Bison 4x4 and Autocannon are also available as a package at a discounted rate.