After the release of Blitzkrieg Commander IV this past weekend, we've now got a selection of Starter army deals to get you going with your new rules!

All of these packs contain a standard set of contents:

1 x CO/HQ unit (5 figures)
6 x Infantry units (30 figures)
1 x Mortars unit (3 mortars with crews)
1 x MG unit (3 MG teams)
1 x AT unit (usually 2 guns with crews)
1 x Armoured Car unit
5 x Armour units
1 x Transport unit

These give a nice selection to get you started and playing some games, and you can then add on some extra units ready for bigger games, so some more command, larger artillery, maybe some Recce units, etc.  Our initial release includes:

- American, Italy
- American, NW Europe
- British, BEF
- British, Africa
- British, NW Europe
- French
- German, Early
- German, Africa
- German, Italy
- German, Eastern Front
- German, NW Europe
- Italian, North Africa
- Polish
- Russian, Early
- Russian, Late

... all priced at £31.00, saving roughly 10% compared to buying the packs individually.  These are all available on the website: HERE and we'll have them with us at the shows as well!