Black Hat Miniatures Price Increase Coming

I have not increased prices of the figure ranges since 2011, while my costs have risen over the last 5 years at a steady rate. I am going to be increasing the prices of the 15mm ranges by a fair amount as there have only been two increases since I bought the ranges from Gladiator Miniatures in 2006 and the prices have been lagging behind the rise in production costs for a while now.

Infantry/Cavalry will rise to £3 a pack, command will rise to £2 a pack.

Even with the increase to £3 a pack for the basic infantry packs we will still remain some of the cheapest 15mm on the market as we sell 10 figures in a pack for that price, rather than the usual 8 figures meaning we will be 30p a figure against others’ 33p-40p a figure.

There will be other smaller price increases to other ranges and some slight changes in pricing to reduce the number of different price codes to make some ranges more attractive to retailers now I am now longer attending wargaming shows.

Because I realise that this is a fairly big jump in price (which should have been staggered over the last 5 years), I am delaying increasing prices until February 1st to give customers a chance to order at the older prices.