Set of Black Powder status markers.

The set consists of-

20 x Double sided- Disorder 1/Disorder 2
10 x Retire/Fall back
5 x Sweeping Advance/Intercept 

5 x Single sided- Response move

Note on Disorder 1 and 2-

As the rules require disorder to apply for one full move we use Disorder 2 if you are disordered in your own turn and Disorder 1 if in your opponents turn. At the end of your turn Disorder 2 would be changed to disorder 1 (ensuring you will be disordered for your next full move) and disorder 1 would be removed.


If you use any other markers these can be provided.
Suitable for AWI, ACW, Old West, Napoleonic and many other periods. 

Post and packing £1.00 in the UK and £3.50 International

Available on the website from 16/11/2016

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