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Apocalypse Wow!

Is it Zombies? Is it Atomic War? Is it a shortage of Toilet Rolls?

No matter what has brought about the downfall of humanity, our plucky survivors are destined to look great on your gaming table. Oh, yeah, we have Zombies, too!

Useable as role-playing figures or for skirmish wargaming, these figures are going to enhance any modern horror game, and being in 28mm scale they are compatible with your existing figures.

A perfect game system that could be used to play Apocalypse Wow! scenarios is End of Days by Osprey Games, though there are many other examples in this genre.

See them HERE

Figures already available (as part of our Vox Populi range) are:

VOX-022 – Dead Lieutenant
VOX-023 – Auntie A

The new figures are:

VOX-029 – Prof
VOX-030 – The Kid

VOX-031 – Zombies 1
VOX-035 – Zombies 2

VOX-036 – Alan
VOX-037 – Inanna