The spirit of the age, as far as the smog-hidden big industrial cities are concerned, King Rat symbolises the sins of Victorian England – wealth from the hardship of others, squalor-for-profit, organised crime, arrogance of high society – and he loves it. Thought to be the head of an underground gang involved in racketeering, burglary, and black market trading, King Rat is a ‘shake his paw, count your fingers’ kind of chap.

His organisation has been at odds with the Metropolitan Police, Sherlock Holmes and Spring-heeled Jack. There are rumours that he has aided Jack the Ripper in evading capture and is involved with the Tongs.

Suitable for Victoriana, role-playing, or modern game settings, he is the second of a small collection of Freak Show figures that Black Pyramid are designing as part of our Vox Populi range of collectable miniatures.

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