Upcoming June 2021 Release on Patreon and afterwards on the website!

Did you know that if you become a new Militia level Patreon on Bob Naismiths Patreon this month, then for just £6 you will get...
Welcome pack of ten Overrunner Infantry files plus bases.
The Inmates and Crims set of thirteen files.
At least four (still working on them) Athiki recon troop files.
So that's 27 figure files plus bases for £6.

And if you became a campaign level patreon you would also get..
An additional 15 Lykos security troopers.
Five skinny jetbikers plus two jetbike models - the equivalent of 12 figures.
Plus the dirtmaw bikers which is the equivalent of another 15 figure files.
This will be a whopping 69 figures equivalent for £25!!!