The final set of Small Scale Scenery releases this week are a series of modular Vauban fortifications. We have bastions, walls, gateways, hornworks and ravelins to allow you to build a multitude of different layouts. There are three pre-packaged sets for fortresses with four, five or six bastions, or all the components can be bought separately if you want to design your own impregnable fortress. The bastions come in three types that connect to the walls at different angles, allowing the different numbers of sides and corners.

All of the Vauban sets are discounted by 7.5%, and for each sale we’ll also donate the same amount to HEROES, a fund set up to help frontline NHS staff as they battle the Covid-19 outbreak. This will run until May 1st.

SSS-8150a – Four-Pointed Vauban Fort – £7.50 £6.94
SSS-8150b – Five-Pointed Vauban Fort – £9.00 £8.32
SSS-8150c – Six-Pointed Vauban Fort – £10.50 £9.71
SSS-8151 – Curtain Walls (x4) – £2.00 £1.85
SSS-8151a – Gateway – £0.75 £0.69
SSS-8152a – 90º Bastions- £3.00 £2.78
SSS-8152b – 72º Bastions – £3.75 £3.47
SSS-8152c – 60º Bastions – £4.50 £4.16
SSS-8153 – Hornwork – £1.50 £1.39
SSS-8154 – Ravelins (x5)- £2.00 £1.85