On Saturday, Nov. 7th, Sinister Laboratories, a joint venture between Brigade Games and Rattrap Productions, completed the purchase of Iron Ivan Games. Sinister Laboratories will take over the full rights to the Iron Ivan name as well as all titles produced by Iron Ivan Games.

We are very excited to be adding over 20 quality Iron Ivan rule sets like Disposable Heroes, This Very Ground, and Where Heroes Dare to the books we already carry via the Sinister Laboratories imprint; Contemptible Little Armies, Heart of Africa, and Saurian Safari among others. We would like to thank Chal, Keith, and Jayson for all the time and professionalism that they have put into their rules. We are lucky to have the opportunity to continue the path that they started.

With that being said, we are also looking to expand these titles with more supplements and scenario books. Anyone interested in writing or editing should contact Lon at [email protected].

There will be a short transition period while we sort through digital files and pick up the back stock of printed books. Once that is done, we will have books, PDFs, and combos (book and PDF bundle) available through both the Brigade Games and Rattrap Productions web stores.

We are also working on a Gamemaster Organized Play (OP) program to help increase the reach of our full line of games. Players interested in being a part of the program should contact Rich at [email protected] for details.