Lots of New Stuff

We have just received our restock from NorthStar and more Company B items. All Congo rules preorders, Sharp Practice and M&T restock are going out by Monday.

Congo rules are from Studio Tomahawk, who publish the popular Muskets and Tomahawks. Note that for Congo, we have our WW1 Great War in Africa range for some troops, our Lost World Explorers, NorthStar Africa and we will have Copplestone Darkest Africa packs shortly.

All casting from being away at Historicon is complete and remaining orders shipping this weekend.

I have also started to list the Copplestone ranges we have started to import. We will have preorders up by the weekend for the Darkest Africa and Polar Perils. See below on a note on some codes that we are awaiting restock on.

>>>> Vacation Notice <<<<

The week of August 21, we will be on our yearly family vacation. Please take note that there may be a delay on orders because of this. As usual, we will handle outstanding orders on our return.