Today sees the start of a minor deluge of new 15mm Hammer’s Slammers releases, spread out over the next couple of weeks.

First off the production line is the Br64/68 Viking half-track, used by both the Thunderbolt Division and the Wolverines mercenary units. The Thunderbolts use the Br64 Viking armed with a heavy support weapon in recce units and also to tow the Varningr trailer fitting with a multiple rocket launcher system. The Wolverines use both the Br64 and the missile-armed Br68, either to carrying single infantry teams or as a tractor for a towed powergun model (you’ll have to wait a little longer for that one, but it’s in the works).

The Varningr trailer comes in three variants – the afore-mentioned MRLS system, a plain cargo trailer and a towed calliope. The latter is used by Hampton’s Legion. The cargo trailer is just a handy, general purpose bit of kit with multiple uses.

HS15-1816 – Br64 Viking Recce – £7.50
HS15-1817 – Br68 Viking Missile – £7.50
HS15-1818 – Varningr Cargo Trailer – £3.00
HS15-1818a – Varningr MRLS Trailer – £4.00
HS15-1818b – Varningr Calliope Trailer – £4.50