We do some odd stuff – along with the flying Victorian battleships, if you haven’t found it yet, there’s a hamster with an assault rifle on our website.

So this next item should be relatively normal – after all, it’s at least based on something historical ! In 1914, the Belgian Boy Scouts aided the army in their defence against the German invaders by acting in some cases as couriers, running messages between units. So Phil has commissioned Martin Baker to sculpt us a set of three scouts to go along with our Great War Belgians. One has a messenger bag over his shoulder, while another, obviously older from his greater height, has clearly gained his proficiency bag in Bagging the Hun and carries a Lee-Enfield rifle. The third, probably the youngest, has a knapsack on his back and seems to think he’s off on a picnic…

GW28-1150 – Boy Scouts (x3) – £3.25

*By the way – I was looking up the correct use of the famous Boy Scout phrase ‘Dib-Dib-Dib – Dob-Dob-Dob’ and came across an article explaining both the origin and correct spelling (or at least, one version, which seems plausible enough).