Following on from the 15mm Thunderbolt Vikings, we’re adding the 6mm versions to our Salute release list. It’s exactly the same list, two versions of the Viking half-track and three trailers.

This will be it for 6mm at Salute, unfortunately we bit off far more than we could chew with the 6mm versions of the Centurions and other Slammers vehicles, and poor Phil had no chance of making that many moulds in time. So those vehicles will be appearing sometime after Salute, probably in several batches.

HS6-1816 – Br64 Viking Recce – £0.75
HS6-1817 – Br68 Viking Missile – £0.75
HS6-1818 – Varningr Cargo Trailer – £0.75
HS6-1818a – Varningr MRLS Trailer – £0.75
HS6-1818b – Varningr Calliope Trailer – £0.75