Three new Aeronef are launched over the clear blue Mediterranean skies, increasing the reach of the Regia Aeronautica.
They are all twin-hulled dirigibles in the style of the old Carlo Alberto model*.
Leading the way is the Regina Elena class battleship, which carries a twin-turret over each of its hulls.
The larger Cigno Nero class fighter carrier has a flight deck slung between the hulls with hangar space beneath and a multitude of defensive gun turrets.
The third vessel is the Dardo class destroyer, designed for long range escort missions.

These models are initially discounted by 7.5%, and for each sale we’ll also donate the same amount to HEROES, a fund set up to help frontline NHS staff as they battle the Covid-19 outbreak. This will run until May 22nd.

VAN-1810 – Regina Elena class Battleship – £7.50 £6.94
VAN-1811 – Cigno Nero class Carrier – £10.00 £9.25
VAN-1812 – Dardo class Destroyer – £2.50 £2.31

* – the Dardo was meant to be a redesign of the Carlo Alberto, but due to a terrible miscalculation of scale the master ended up being quite a bit smaller than the original. So instead we’ve made it into a new vessel altogether and a new Carlo will be forthcoming later in the year, along with a new fleet pack made up of the Italian dirigibles. It least it wasn’t swallowed by a small dog…