We're very pleased to announce that we've completed the acquisition of ArmiesArmy's figure ranges. Keith came down to our workshop yesterday and delivered all of the moulds and masters (including some unreleased ones that we'll be releasing in due course).

The deal covers just the infantry ranges, Keith will keep his excellent selection of vehicles, and we wish him all the best with those.

There will be a slight delay in getting the models onto our website. With Salute just around the corner we're both working flat out already and fifty-odd new product codes would be too much to cope with at this point. Instead they'll go up on our website a week or so after the show. We will try to take some stock to Salute, but starting from zero it would take a couple of days to completely stock up all of the packs and we just don’t have that time – so instead we'll take a selection of the most popular packs.