Well, it was probably inevitable, but Salute is off 🙁

Not an easy decision for the organisers, but inevitable in the current situation. It’s not a good year for shows, that’s already three gone of our planned nine events. And not great for small companies like us, as Salute represents a sizeable chunk of our show income for the year. But the Warlords deserve credit for calling it off sooner rather than leaving it to the last minute, and they’ve also rolled everyone’s stand fees over to the 2021 event (already booked in for 17th April). At least we haven’t incurred any other losses – we’re close enough that we don’t need to use hotels, and we hadn’t yet hired a van. There are other companies that will have taken more of a hit than us, and not just the smaller ones.

And we’d got all these new releases lined up, pretty much ready to go ! So expect to see lots of shiny new stuff from us in the next few weeks, across most of the ranges. Although first I will have to go away and rewrite the release schedule to fit them all in somehow…