We've got a bit behind with new releases lately thanks to a heavy show schedule, but some bits have still crept their way onto the website.

Three new packs of Aeronef aircraft made their debut at Stoke Rochford:

VAN-214 – Herring class Biplane Light Bomber (x6) – £1.25
VAN-417 – Ader class Monoplane Fighter (x6) – £1.25
VAN-513 – Oryol class Biplane Bomber (x3) – £1.00

While on the ground in 2mm scale, we have four new packs including Bonn Railway Station and three Atlantic Wall sets

SSS-8042 – Bonn Hauptbahnhof – £3.50
SSS-8043 – Atlantic Wall Set #1 – £6.00
SSS-8044 – Atlantic Wall Set #2 – £5.00
SSS-8045 – Grand Bunker – £0.50