Before we get to the meat of this post, a quick update on orders. PayPal’s postage system was down on Saturday morning so we weren’t able to post anything – the orders were all done, they’ve just been sat in a heap on my office floor for the weekend. However, all is well now and orders up to the end of October (except for one) have been sent this morning. Now we return you to your scheduled programming…

This year’s Salute is creeping up on us very, very fast – it’s just 11 days away now. For us it’ll be slightly different – we won’t have our usual avalanche of new models, we had our Salute line-up sorted for April before the show was rescheduled and they’ve all been released already. However, we will still have a batch of new items on the day, and of course stocks of all of the other bits and pieces that we’ve put out over the past year. Things in the world at large are obviously markedly different since the last show, so before we go further we’ll like to point you at the safety guidelines for the ExCel centre. You will need an NHS Covid pass, proof of double vaccination, Covid-19 antibodies or negative lateral flow test (within the last 48 hours) to gain entry.

We’re starting with news of a mini-range of models all in aid of a good cause. MacMillan Cancer Support is a UK charity that provides specialist health care, information and financial support to people affected by cancer. The treatment unit at one of our local hospitals is MacMillan Cancer Care Unit and we’ve seen what a great job they do, so we decided we’d like to help out in a small way.

We have a new range that will consist of models that could fit into our other ranges – spaceships, tanks, buildings etc – but all with a medical theme. So we will have hospital ships, armoured ambulances, stretcher and first aid teams, full-size hospitals in the Small Scale Scenery range, even healers and apothecaries for Celtos. We wanted to create a range of suitably themed models, but ones that would fit into your existing collections and be useful in gaming terms. We’ll be donating 50% of the net sale price (eg the price without VAT) of each model to MacMillan Cancer Care for the foreseeable future.

We will be releasing the first models at Salute, but the range will continue to be added to over time as we have flashes of inspiration. Not everything is painted and photographed yet, but here are some 6mm buildings to start off with – Medical Centres for the 6mm Desert, Moonbase and Research Base sets. As you can see, there’s nothing on the models that makes them specifically medical centres (the red cross on the Moonbase unit is just painted on a blank panel), so if you want to just use them as a generic building then you can.

We’ll add more models between now and Salute, so keep an eye out.

Desert Medical Centre
Moonbase Medical Centre
Research Base Medical Centre