Our next show is coming up soon(ish) – the Joy of Six is back again in Sheffield Hallam University on July 14th. A tribute to all things 6mm, it’s hosted by Baccus, one of the foremost names in 6mm miniatures – besides us, of course 😊.

Because it’s a specialist show, we only take a subset of our ranges. Obviously we have all of our 6mm SF ranges including Hammer’s Slammers and the full range of buildings, both individual models and as large a selection of army, detachment and company packs as we can carry. We also bring Squadron Commander, the Small Scale Scenery 2mm range and the 1/700th coastal forts/scenery. And of course, the newly released 2mm WW2 Belgians.

However, since we don’t visit the north very often, we realise it’s a good opportunity for you to pick up things from our other ranges. You can place an order for any of our ranges to be picked up at the show via the website – you can choose to pay in advance or on the day, Remember to use the ‘Pickup at Show’ shipping option so you don’t get charged postage – just let us know that you’ll be collecting at Jo6 in the ‘Order Notes’ box.

As an added incentive to visit the show (as if you needed any more), John Treadaway, keeper of all things Hammer’s Slammers, will be in attendance running a 6mm Slammers game featuring the terrain we put together a couple of years ago.