Two Hour Wargames has partnered with Acheson Creations to bring you 5150: Bugs – Into the Tunnels, the first of our three 5150 Kickstarters. Into the Tunnels is a complete game playable with our 15mm scale pewter minis and resin tunnel sections.

Note: Samples Shown Below Painted by Evil Bob's Miniature Painting (c)

Acheson has designed all-new15mm bugs, soldiers and a tunnel system to give you, the player, all the options needed to play this brand new rule book.

Our tabletop games are playable in two hours or less. All of our games can be played solo or same side (cooperatively) as well as head-to-head against your friends.

Inside you’ll find:

  • Complete rules covering five types of Bugs – Warrior, Worker, Flyer, Puker, and Brain.
  • A Tunnel Building system that allows you to construct a wide variety of tunnels where no two are exactly alike.
  • Ten different Scenarios that are linked together, building your Story.
  • Army Lists for the Star Army, Star Marines, and Planet Defensive Force.
  • Simple Campaign Rules that tie your Mission’s together, giving you a reason to play, with little bookkeeping.
  • Easy yet realistic rules allowing you to play solo or co-operatively against the game, or head-to-head against your friends.
  • All this and much more.

This Kickstarter runs through February 12