We've recently released a range of Stuarts.

8 different variants are available:

M3 Early - with sponson machine guns
M3 Late - Stuart I / II or Honey Stuart
M3 Hybrid - An M3 body with M3A1 turret
M3A1 - Stuart III / IV
M3A3 - Stuart V
M5 - Stuart VI - with M3A1 turret
M5A1 - Stuart VI with M3A3 turret
M3A3 Recce - turretless version used by Commonwealth countries

Each model can be ordered with or without a sand skirts
Optionally each model can also be ordered with hedgerow cutters to glue on

6mm  is £0.55
12mm is £2.00
15mm is £3.00
20mm is £5.75
28mm is £12.50

The Stuarts are available in all scales.