New Xhosa warriors.

The Xhosa Wars, also known as the Cape Frontier Wars, were a series of wars lasting for 100 years from 1779 to 1879.

The 7th Cape War lasted for 21 months from 1846 to 1847 ending when the Xhosa were subdued and their lands annexed by the British.

We've re mastered some of our Xhosa warriors and added a couple of new packs.

CW12 Has been re mastered using original dollies. There are now 8 different figure poses with separate right arms with assorted weapons. £8.00

CW26 Is a new pack of 4 Command figures. £4.00

CW27 Another new pack of warriors beating their shields with spears. There are 4 variants duplicated in the pack of 8 figures. £8.00

Also now available are Xhosa warrior regiments, 32 figures for £28.00
Next show Hammerhead, Saturday 28th February.

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