Collins Epic Wargames is pleased to announce a partnership with Strato Minis Studio from Poland, makers of exceptional 6mm miniatures and known for their Hardwar game, to create multiple new Polyversal battlegroups with Combatant Tiles. Artist James Masino will return to create all new artwork and Ken Whitehurst and Byron Collins will design and balance the battlegroups. Collins Epic Wargames has ordered and received 74 miniatures from the extensive Strato Minis line to begin the selection and design process. Each battlegroup and any stretch goals will be fully designed with completed artwork prior to launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise funding for production. These battlegroups will offer nice additions for existing Polyversal players and an excellent introduction to the game for new players.

Polyversal is a 6-15mm miniatures-agnostic game system that includes a powerful web-based design application called Arsenal and was recently nominated for a 2023 Origins Award for Best Miniatures Game.

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