Pirates, homicidal robots, alien traders and marines in space.

Clash on the Fringe (formerly Starstrike) takes you back to the halcyon days of military space adventure, but through the lens of modern game design.

Designed to be playable with any miniatures in your collection, Clash on the Fringe plays quickly and with minimal record keeping.

* * * * *

Features include:

Integrated turn sequence where both players act.

Robust combat system that encourages tactical finesse.

Reaction fire, psionics, leadership skills.

Tools to build a wide variety of units, vehicles, 13 alien species, droid infantry and local wildlife.

Scenario rules ranging from dangerous plant life to ice planets and wandering monsters.

Fully featured points system or make your own scenario!

A background setting that sits in the background. Use it when you want, adapt your own when you please.

Consistent rules that apply to all units. Infantry, vehicles and monsters all follow the same basic concepts. You don't have to learn three different games at the same time.

D100 tables for quick plot inspiration!

* * * * *

If you remember the days of early science fiction wargaming: Of exploring a universe filled with danger and excitement, of a time when everything did not have to be depressing and dark, when strange aliens could rub shoulders on the tabletop, Clash on the Fringe is for you.

Grab those dusty old miniatures that have sat abandoned for 20 years and give them a new life.

Just remember: Regret nothing!

* * * * *

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