July is the month for Combat Patrol. In honour of Buck’s birthday the cost of the core Combat Patrol products has been reduced by 20% until the end of July.

The Combat Patrol Rules Combo is reduced from £28.00 to £22.40

This contains a hardcopy rulebook: A4 Format, full color, premium quality 44 page rulebook. plus 24 card activation deck and two 50 card action decks.

Everything that you need for two players to play Combat Patrol.

Combat Patrol Set A & B Card Decks are reduced from £22.50 to £18.00

This contains four x 50 card action decks plus a 24 card activation deck in a metal presentation tin. This is ideal for club / convention games where each player has their own action deck.

Two new free supplements

Two new free to download PDF supplements have been added, firstly a set of unit and vehicle cards that match the contents of the Bolt Action 2 Band of Brothers Starter Set allowing a gamer to quickly and easily use the miniatures and vehicles in the set with Combat Patrol as well as with Bolt Action. Secondly, a set of Western Skirmish rules have been added as a free download. These allow games set in the old west to be played using Combat Patrol core rules and action decks.

A free introductory rule set is available to download together with free supplements for Napoleonic skirmish, Falklands War and ‘The Winter of Discontent’ (1979/80’s alternative timeline).

Combat Patrol is an exciting set of skirmish rules that allows players to focus on the game instead of the rules.

Combat Patrol is a unique card-based miniatures game.  The unique Double Random Activation mechanism provides a leap-ahead method for activating units that provides the friction and drama of card-based systems with none of the drawbacks.

More importantly, Combat Patrol uses a card-based combat resolution mechanism that is exciting and simple while eliminating unsightly chart cards cluttering your beautiful gaming table.

Combat Patrol products and free downloads are available from http://wargamesbuildings.co.uk/Combat-Patrol


Free rules and supplements can also be downloaded from Buck Surdu’s website



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