After many months of development, we are happy to announce the release of the FREE Star Wars supplement for Combat Patrol(TM): World War II.  This supplement was written by Greg Priebe, a long-time Star Wars fan.  With this supplement, you can "recreate" your favorite skirmishes from the movies, television series, and comics.

This supplement uses the streamlined and intuitive mechanics of Combat Patrol(TM): World War II.  Cards are used, not just to control activation, but to resolve combat, conduct movement, check morale, etc.  There are not charts and tables to slow down the game.  You will find instructional videos and other free downloads on the rules' web page.

This supplement, like almost all of the other supplements for Combat Patrol(TM): WWII, is FREE.   You do need to own the basic rules and cards to play the game.  The supplement is 26 pages of background, weapons stats, vehicle stats, rules for Jedi powers, and other material.  This is a free download from either the rules' Web page or the Sally 4th Combat Patrol page.

To help you get started right away, we have provided a play through video demonstration of a Combat Patrol(TM) game using this supplement.  It is based on season 1, episode 1 of The Clone Wars in which Yoda and a handful of clones defeat a much larger droid force.  You will find a link to this video on the Combat Patrol Web page.   We think you will find this video -- combined with all the other instructional videos on the Web page -- is a good way to see the ease of play and intuitive mechanics of Combat Patrol(TM).

We have also pre-made the unit cards you will need for a platoon of clones, droids, rebels, and stormtroopers -- including a small number of vehicles.  These, too are available for free download.  Just print them out and start playing.

If you have a box full of the old Star Wars collectable miniatures, or you are looking to play bigger battles than are possible with Imperial Assault, the Star Wars supplement for Combat Patrol(TM): WWII will allow you to do so.  We have used the rules (and this supplement) for games with as few as two players and as many as 10.

This is a fan publication, and it is free.  We are not infringing on any IP from Lucas Films or Disney.

Don't forget to check out the play through video that is on the Web page.  You can also go directly to it at YouTube.

As a reminder, this is a supplement for Combat Patrol(TM): WWII.  You need the rules and cards to play the game.  There are a number of purchase options available.  You can order the sets of cards from DriveThru.  You can order starter sets from Sally 4th or On Military Matters.  Sally 4th sells individual Action Decks if you want to buy just one to try out the mechanics yourself.  Directions and links are on the rules Web page.


We hope you enjoy the supplement and enjoy the rules.  May the Force be with you, young Jedi.