Combat Patrol Unit Record Cards.
Designed as a player aid for Combat Patrol, WW2 Skirmish rules, each pack contains 15 70mm x 120mm cards printed on high quality matt-board.

Packs contain a mix of pre-filled in squad and vehicle cards, so that you can start playing straight away, and blank unit cards that you can use for any other vehicles or squads that you want to field.
A handy platoon organisation chart is also included in each pack.
The cards have been designed to fit into Ultra-pro 70mm x 120mm deck sleeves so that you can write on / wipe off name of squad leaders.

First two packs to be released are US Armoured Infantry Platoon and German Panzer Grenadier Platoon. Many more are planned / in development.

Cards are available from Sally 4th and On Military Matters in USA.

RRP £5.00.

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