Coming to a Joy of Six near you...
24th Jun 2019

With just two weeks to go to the Big Show, the staff here are Baccus Megacorps Industries are slaving away to get some new goodies on the shelf for your delight and delectation. The first subject to occupy our attentions will be next set of releases for WW2 in the shape of British Airborne forces.

(All photos courtesy of the painter, the talented Roland Grimes)
The aim is to have not only the individual code packs for the various and sundry vehicles

and equipment

but also we'll be bundling these together into large formation packs so you'll be able to assemble a complete Airborne Brigade.
We're also working as hard as we can to get the new Wars of Sun King ready for the show.

All of this means that we are going to be very busy over the next few days. We are still accepting orders for collection at the show and past experience tells us that we can sell out of some things very quickly indeed, so it’s worth getting those requests in to us ahead of the show. You can do so by using the Baccus site shopping cart or by email or phone.

Speaking of the Joy of Six, this year's show is shaping up to be cracker. We've got big games, little games, land games, sea games, games to watch, games to play and definitely, most definitely, games to look and go Oooooooooohhhhhh! There are more trade stands than ever, and Dr Mike has promised to put his transport problems behind him and stage his marvellous travelling painting clinic. We have attendees from all over the world coming to this year's show, so come and join them and see what it's all about!

On a final note, we have three places up for grabs on the Baccus Workshop tour starting at 10.00 on July 6th. If you want to grab one or more of these, get in touch as soon as possible. When they are gone, they are gone!