Several years ago, we used a not-Kickstarter method to produce a new range of 10mm Mongols, which went down rather well and helped us put the range into production. Well we're back for another project and this time we're heading to the Napoleonic period!

We've had several requests for an expansion of our 10mm 1809 ranges and we've chatted previously about gathering enough support for us to get them sculpted. So this project is designed to do just that. Forum member Zippee (Martin) has really taken the lead on this and helped us put together all of the lists and provided all of the reference material ready for our sculptor to get started.

So how does it work?

- Below is a list of the prospective ranges we'll be putting together, with the code, a brief description of the contents, and the price.

- If you would be interested in any of these items, please check through the list, and work out what you would purchase.

- Make a post on our Forum, stating what you would buy, such as 2 x NHD1, 2 x NDW3, etc.

- We'll total up your order and add you to the pledge list.

- If we have hit our target by midnight on October 31st, everyone who has pledged will be invoiced for 50%of your order. Our sculptor will be given the go-ahead and we'll get them done through Nov/Dec/Jan. We'll then get them moulded and start sending out customer orders at the end of February 2019. Everyone will be invoiced for the remaining 50% + shipping once their order is ready to go.

What's the target?

We're looking to raise purchases over £3000 in total to allow us to start production and we're already over halfway there! This money is purely to cover the sculpting costs, we would then take on the cost of moulding and casting the orders at this end. The range would be sculpted by Tony Q, the same sculptor who has done all of our 1809 and 1812-15 Nap ranges, so they would match perfectly with those other figures.

If we break through our £3000 target, we will start to add some bonuses for everyone, such as limbers or civilian packs, some personalities maybe, or even a discount on everyone's orders.

The 10mm ranges:

Hesse Darmstadt
NHD1 Line/fusilier, march attack £5.25
NHD2 Line/fusilier, firing line £5.25
NHD3 Line/fusilier command £5.25
NHD4 Mounted officers (5) £1.75
NHD5 Chevaux-Legers £5.25
NHD6 6pdr guns (Nap Austrian) with crew (3) £5.25
NHD7 7” Howitzers (Nap Austrian) with crew (3) £5.25

NSA1 Line infantry, march attack £5.25
NSA2 Line infantry, firing line £5.25
NSA3 Line command £5.25
NSA4 Grenadiers, inc. command £5.25
NSA5 Schutzen, inc. command £5.25
NSA6 Mounted officers (5) £1.75
NSA7 Light cavalry £5.25
NSA8 Hussars £5.25
NSA9 8pdr guns (SYW) with crew (3) £5.25
NSA10 8” Howitzers (SYW) with crew (3) £5.25

Duchy of Warsaw
NDW1 Line/fusiliers, march attack £5.25
NDW2 Line/fusiliers, firing line £5.25
NDW3 Line/fusiliers command £5.25
NDW4 Line Elites (Grenadier), march attack, inc. command (16) £2.80
NDW5 Line Elites (Volt/Gren), firing line, inc. command (16) £2.80
NDW6 Mounted officer (5) £1.75
NDW7 Uhlans £5.25
NDW8 Uhlan Elites (8 ) £2.80
NDW9 6pdr (SYW) with foot crew (3) £5.25
NDW10 6pdr (SYW) with horse crew (3) £5.25
NDW11 7” Howitzer (SYW) with foot crew (3) £5.25
NDW12 7” Howitzer (SYW) with horse crew (3) £5.25

NWU1 Line/fusilier, march attack £5.25
NWU2 Line/fusilier, firing line £5.25
NWU3 Line/fusilier command £5.25
NWU4 Leichtes, inc. command £5.25
NWU5 Mounted officers (5) £1.75
NWU6 Grenadiers, inc. command £5.25
NWU7 Jager, inc. command £5.25
NWU8 Chevaux-Leger £5.25
NWU9 Jager zu Pferd £5.25
NWU10 6pdr guns (Nap Austrian) with crew £5.25
NWU11 12pdr guns (Nap Austrian) with crew £5.25
NWU11 7pdr Howitzers (Nap Austrian) with crew £5.25

All packs contain 15 cavalry or 30 foot, priced at £5.25 per pack, unless otherwise stated.

You can make your pledge posts on our Forum HERE
If you're not a member of our Forum, drop us an email and we'll get you registered.

So, that's everything. If there are any questions, just let us know and we'll get them answered. And of course, please spread this around anyone that you think might be interested in these ranges and push them this way. The more interest and purchases that we can get, the more chance that these figures will reach production!