At last - Saxons and a special pre-order offer

Well sometimes its better late than never and I have waited quite a while for these chaps.

Anyway the first wave of Saxons arrived today - still with a couple of niggles but of that later.

A couple of 'mistakes'! before people shout in - the artillery crew hats have pom poms on and they shouldn't they should all be cockades these will be cast as is (could pass as Prussians?) and the production casts altered to have the cockades.

The Cuirassiers - Dr. Summerfields book describes the headwear as having pom poms for this period but all his plates etc show the Officers with cockades - so again these will be altered before full production.
Frustrating I know but these things happen!

The Saxons are in the shop, initially they will be available as pre-order units only.

A unit of Infantry or cavalry (24 infantry or 12 cavalry incl. command) will attract a 10% discount.

A brigade of Infantry or Cavalry (3 units of infantry or Cavalry will attract 15%).

A Saxon army -3 Brigades of infantry 1 brigade of cavalry and a battery of guns (3 pieces) will attract 20%.

Finally another Cuirassier Officer is being made in a slightly more dynamic pose is being made and anyone who buys a unit or more of Cuirassiers will receive the new Officer free.

Anyway, onto the pics.