Coming Soon

I came back from the relocated Griffin factory yesterday I dropped off the greens for the Jacobite/French Cavalry (pics on the blog) and returned carrying a bag of the new metal masters 🙂

First up are the Garde Francais, these chaps come with separate muskets to allow for a degree of variation. I think they're spot on!

Next up Spanish Infantry at attention - suitable for the WAS in Italy and is also a hint of things to come once the Jacobites are finished.

Then we have the Savoia Infantry also standing

The metal dolly for the Fusiliers de Morliere Cavalry - presently his head is separate and I haven't decided if we should do this on the final figure - thoughts?

I've used the dolly to also show the Grenadier head, this will be used to create the FdM Grenadiers and the Savoia Grenadiers.