A lot has happened since the last update, so bear with me whilst I cover what's happened and plans for moving forward
First I hope this finds you all well and coping through what has been a difficult 15 months lets hope change is coming.

I'm sure you will have all picked up on the sudden and tragic death of Richard Ansell the primary sculptor for Crann Tara - his last character he sculpted for me was General Montcalm and I sold the first two production casts to raise funds for his widow and thanks to your support raised over £400.

I have been asked what's happening to the range now, well first Bob at Ebob miniatures has done a test sculpt for me using a Richard dollie and it fits into the range fine so I have sent him the fist set of pieces to be done, obviously finding time in a sculptors already busy schedule may mean it will be awhile until new pieces from him appear but as time goes by I'm sure we will have a better schedule.

Andy Stadden has completed the sets of figures to accompany Stuart Inch's next publication on Havana the figures have gone to Griffin for casting and should be available in around a month.

Dan from digital sculpts has also been exceedingly busy but has now almost finished the Prussian Artillery set. The Prussians and Austrians will appear under a new banner linked to Crann Tara and more of that next update.


Crann Tara has continued to see sales grow particularly from America and whilst Brexit has had an impact on European sales I am seeing a gradual return of sales to Europe.

I have taken the decision to cease stocking the Fife and Drum AWI range and Hessians, the Hessians are already on sale and the AWI will follow shortly, sales of these ranges are slow and there is a lot of dead stock. I will however let people order the figure to order provided they meet a minimum figure number for Griffin to cast. details will be published.

I had seriously considered selling Crann Tara as what started as a hobby is gradually taking more and more of my time. I have put that on hold for the moment unless someone comes along with an offer I can't refuse 🙂 but on a serious note I am open to suggestions re partnerships etc.

In terms of figure releases there is more French Indian War to come, a few more Saxons. More Officers, ADC's etc and the rest of the 'casual marching French' I am also looking at releasing charging cavalry for the French and British.

Sorry its been a bit of a ramble but there has been a lot of ground to cover.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with questions, suggestions etc and keep safe.