For a few weeks I have been talking about a small crowdfunder for Crom's Anvil.
Or Crom Funder if you prefer.

The idea is simple and the goal is small.
Just £100.00 needed to help pay for some moulds and casting.

What is on offer?

4 figures and 2 exclusive terrain items.
The terrain items will not go on general release once the project is funded, the figures will.


Designed to match the style of the Copplestone Picts (Which in my own games I use as Black Kingdom Tribesmen)
This shaman can summon a demon more ferocious than all in hell!

Again designed to fit with the Copplestone Picts.
Tribal Warrior who if you let him ride with you, will give his life for you!

Merchant and Bodyguard.
Because the heroes need a patron, or indeed a target!

So that is the 4 figures.

Of the 2 terrain pieces only 1 has been sculpted as yet, but a recent poll on the page showed that over 85% of people wanted to be able to pledge now and were happy to trust me about the 2nd terrain piece.

The 1st terrain piece is designed to go with the Shaman.

The summoning circle has a ring of marked stones, some bowls of 'medicine', a bit of a ribcage (cos you know, ingredients), the skull of his enemy and a metal ring for keeping sacrifices on a short leash.
There is enough space on the terrain piece to place a based shaman figure.

The as yet unstarted 2nd terrain piece will be a pile of rugs and carpets.
They will be the merchants wares, though the astute amongst you may notice that one particular bulky and noisy rolled up rug has a pair of dainty slippers poking out of one end, not sure what that is about...

So there you have it, my 1st Crom Funder with the option to buy just the figures or all of it.

I hope you like it, check it out HERE