Happy Holidays to all those that bought from me, and if you didn’t buy and don’t plan to, then to hell wid you!

So the plan for 2018 was to bring out 52 products, alas due to various unforeseen and permanent changes to life, this fell a bit short and I only managed 31 items.

For 2019 in the pipeline I have 14 already in various stages, so that is a promising start.
However due to those unforeseen and permanent changes, the focus of the business is going to have shift somewhat to the figure side.
This will unfortunately mean less releases as a figure costs a lot more to make and cast than a building.

So to summarise, things will be carrying on as fast as possible but due to the shift toward figures it will be slower.

Having said that, I will be trying to get as many figures done as possible.
If you want to see more figures too, please do shout about Crom’s Anvil where ever you hang out, be that the games club, forum, MeWe group, Facebook, Twitter, TMP, LAF, FLGS, etc, all those places, a little mention here and a little mention there could mean that bit of cash to get the next figure commissioned.

Thanks to everyone that has supported Crom’s Anvil this last year, Praise be to Apis!!