The Easy District Commuter Monorail has arrived at Shiny Games from Knights of Dice in Australia.

The Commuter Monorail is a cyberpunk-style futuristic city train, although it wouldn't be out of place in stylised modern day settings like Gotham City either. Whether providing a cool backdrop for a battle, or your skirmishers choose to take the fight onto the train, every bustling city needs this kind of public transport.

There are six separate kits, enabling you to decide the nature and scope of your train and layout. The Hermes Class Monorail Car is the core of your monorail; any number can be put together to make up your train. The Autonomous Control Unit is an add-on for the front and back cars of your train and come in a two-pack so you only need one for your train. Your train can be standing room only, or you can add Commuter Seating to a car for extra comfort and cover.

The track itself comes in a four pack of straight sections, each 12 inches long. There is also a curved pack which gives you two 90-degree turns to weave around your buildings. Your track can be at ground level, or elevated atop the Plasteel Support Pillars. We also have a Monorail Commuter Bundle which gives you a two-car train and over 6' of elevated track at a 10% discount over individual kit prices.

You can see more of these kits on our webstore.