New releases

The DT-60, Drone Tank type 60 is a common sight amongst Cybershadow battle groups, crewed by a single combat drone hard wired into the pilots position these tanks are considered as expendable units by Cybershadow command and are deployed en mass to overwhelm enemy forces. They also serve in the support roll alongside the heavier “Skitter” tank and Cybershadow infantry formations. The tank sports two hard points with machine guns, rocket pods and disruptors being reported as common armaments in use on this machine.

Set contains:
3 x DT-60 Upper hulls
3 x DT-60 Lower hulls
12 x Leg units
9 x Weapons, 3 x twin MG’s, 3 x rocket pods, 3 x disruptors

Also released today the second set of Cybershadow robots, the CA100-B & C variants join the ranks of the combat automaton.

Set contains:
2 x CA100-B robots in two poses.
2 x CA100-C robots in two poses.
Model height approx. 18mm including shoulder cannon.