If you play miniatures games, you need a dice tray. These little devices keep your dice from rolling all over (and off) the tabletop and they keep your dice from knocking over (and possibly damaging) your miniatures.

I've got a really nice dice tray that I have been using for years and we sell it on the GCmini website, but I wanted something just a little bit smaller that does not take up so much tabletop space.

So, we designed and built this one. This one is an 8" octagon compared to 10" on the one we have been selling. A two inch difference does not sound like like a lot, but believe it or not, this saves you about 30 square inches of tabletop space.

As a bonus, our dice tray is $11.00 less than the one we have been selling for years and is made right here in our shop.

The Dice Tray comes to you fully assembled and ready to use.

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