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Company Name'Scale''Period'
Sam Mustafa Publishing LLCruleshistorical
Clear Horizon Miniatures15mmsci-fi
Crom's Anvil15mmscenery, terrain. desert, trees, fantasy,
Space Vixens from Mars28mmsci-fi, sci-fant, fantasy, historical
Shilka PublishingbooksWWI, cold war, modern, naval
Northumbrian Painting Service & MBM Scenery6mm, 10mm, 15mm, 28mmsci-fi, terrain, painted figures, painted terrain,
CP Models20mmWWII, modern, fantasy
Northumbrian Painting Service & MBM Scenerypainting service
Footsore Miniatures28mmdark ages, crusades, great northern war, irish war of independence , WWI, franco prussian war, vbcw,
Hoka Hey Wargaming25mmmedieval, elizabethans
Fighting 15s3mmACW, napoleonic, WWI, WWII, sci-fi, modern

Hoka Hey Wargaming36mmfantasy, dark ages, WWII, sci-fi, horror
Forlorn Hope Games28mmFantasy Warriors, Future Warriors, Fantasy Armies of the Far East
Fighting 15spaints
Fighting 15s18mmcrimean war, seven years war, SYW
Fighting 15s28mmfantasy, gridiron, modern, sci-fi, victorian, wars of the french revolution,
historical - other, various
Fighting 15s15mmACW, napoleonic, modern, sci-fi, historical - other, various
Fighting 15s40mmancients
dark ages, wild west,
three musketeers
Fighting 15s10mmfantasy
CP Models15mmsci-fi, fantasy, modern, historical, horse and musket, ACW
CP Models28mmfantasy, horror, sci-fi
modern, historical
victoriana, martial artists, dark ages
ancients, accessories
CP Modelsaccessories, markers,
Aventine Miniatures28mmancients
Armies Army15mmsci-fi
Too Fat Lardiesrulesnapoleonic, WWII, sci-fi, arthurian, vietnam, WWI, naval, historical
The Scene15mmsci-fi, terrain, scatter terrain
The Ion Age15mmsci-fi
Footsore Miniatures35mmfantasy
Leven Miniatures6mmbuildings, terrain, scenery
Hart of Warpainting service
Plasmablast Games6mmsci-fi
Black Hat Miniaturespaints
Nordic Weasel Gamesrulessci-fi, modern, WWII
Rapier Miniatures6mmbiblical ancients,
classical ancients,
fantasy, ACW
Rapier Miniatures28mmzulu war, ACW, napoleonics, fantasy, fantasy wild west
Rapier Miniatures1/144thWW1 aircraft kits Valom
Rapier Miniatures15mm to 28mmHACME bespoke model buildings
Kingsford Miniatures28mmsamurai, gladiators
The Dice Bag Ladydice bags, gaming accessories, dice
Bad Squiddo Games28mmfantasy, historical, terrain, dark age, medieval
Black Hat Miniatures54mm toy soldiers
Black Hat Miniatures15mmvictorian sci-fi, napoleonics, ancients, medieval, renaissance, ECW, marlburian, colonials, sikh wars, sci-fi, scenery, equipment
Black Hat Miniatures25mmgladiators, robin hood, samurai, three musketeers
Black Hat Miniatures28mmfantasy, sci-fi, WWI fantasy, chinese fantasy, scenery, french foreign legion
Wargames Foundry28mmfantasy, ancients, medieval & dark ages, 16th & 17th century wars, napoleonic, pirates, colonial, 18th, 19th & 20th century wars, seven years war, SYW, american civil war, ACW, old west, victorians, WWI, WWII, sci-fi (2000 AD and others)
Wargames Foundry20mmWWII
Wargames Foundry40mmACW
TradestandsCAD, 3D design, website hosting
Four A miniatures28mmfantasy, sci-fi
Black Games Companyrulesfantasy, sci-fi, WWII,
ancients, napoleonic, colonial
A & A Miniatures28mmancients, accessories for ancients
Agema Miniatures28mmancients
Alban Miniatures28mmnapoleonics
Alban Miniaturespaints
AMS miniatures15mmACW
AMS miniatures28mmancients, fantasy, sci-fi, other, martial arts
Artizan Designs28mmWWI, WWII, the renaissance, dark ages, historical, pirates, pulp
Askari Miniatures

28mmWWII, wwii, pulp, historical, animals, colonial
AW Miniatures28mmSamurai, French & Indian War, Indian Mutiny, Seven Years War, Zulu War,
Wellington in India, Sudan War
AW Miniatures15mmnapoleonic
AW Miniaturespaints
Oddzial Osmy (Oddział Ósmy)3mmmodern, WWII, WWI, ACW, napoleonics, sci-fi,
Oddzial Osmy (Oddział Ósmy)15mmmodern, sci-fi
Siege Works Studios15mmWWII, SYW, seven years war, buildings
Siege Works Studios28mmnapoleonic, SYW, seven years war, buildings
Siege Works Studios20mm SYW, seven years war, sci-fi
Siege Works Studiosruleshistorical
Siege Works Studiosvallejo, paints
Siege Works Studios25mmgreat northern war, war of spanish succession, GNW
Siege Works Studios15mm, 28mmlaser cut buildings
Freikorp15mmACW, ECW, samurai, seven years war, seminole wars, maximillian wars, renaissance, 19th C europe, american revolution, koori, medieval, sikh wars, tudor, spanish american wars, french indian war, great paraguayan war, texan war of independence, US mexican war, yellow ribbon (indian/pony wars)
QRF15mminterwars, modern, sci-fi, WWII, postwar
Ambush Alley Gamesrulessci-fi, modern, zombie/horror
Flags of War15mm, 20mm, 28mmwargames flags
Ambush Alley Games15mmsci-fi
Ambush Alley Games20mmmodern
ThunderChild Miniatures35mmsci-fi, PA, post apoc
Alternative Armies 28mm, 25mmfantasy, flintloque
Timeline Miniatures15mmmodern, medieval and
ancient scenery
Timeline Miniatures20mmmodern, medieval scenery
Timeline Miniatures28mmmodern, medieval and
ancient scenery
Timeline Miniaturesbases, rulers, counters, accessories
Total Battle Miniatures3mmmoderns
Total Battle Miniatures6mmhistorical, accessories, terrain
Total Battle Miniatures10mmdark ages, historical, moderns, accessories
Total Battle Miniatures15mmWWII, accessories, historical
Total Battle Miniatures20mmWWII
Total Battle Miniatures28mmdark ages, WWII, historical
Total Battle Miniaturestiles, terrain, roads, rivers
Essex Miniatures15mmancients, medieval, renaisance, historical, samurai, AWI, FPW, WWII, ACW, american war of independence, american civil war, napoleonic, british colonial, franco-prussian war, world war II, seven years war, dark ages, fantasy, accessories
Essex Miniatures28mmancients, medieval, renaisance, historical, fantasy, accessories, ACW, colonial, american civil war
Essex Miniaturespaints, brushes, scenery, painted scenery, bases, decals, dice, magnetc bases, flags
Heroes of the Dark Age28mmancients, dark ages, medieval, historical, scenery, terrain, fantasy
Victrix Limited28mmnapoleonics, greeks, romans, historical, ancients, flags
Victrix Limited1/100WWII planes
Victrix Limited54mmnapoleonics
West Wind Productions15mm, 28mmWWII
West Wind Productions28mmhistorical, fantasy, WWWII, vsf, sci-fi
West Wind Productionspaints
Westfalia Miniatures28mmnapoleonics, painting guides, plates
Warrior Miniatures10mmfantasy, sci-fi, modern, WWII
Warrior Miniatures15mmnapoleonics, american civil war, ACW, historical, Romans, ECW, english civil war, colonial, medieval, seven years war, SYW, china
samurai, equipment, animals, fantasy
Warrior Miniatures20mmworld war II, WWII, vietnam, spanish civil war, modern, indian mutiny
Warrior Miniatures25mmAWI, ACW, WOTR, american war of independence, american civil war, wars of the roses, historical, ancients, ECW, english civil war, WWI, colonials, samurai, renaissance, fantasy, much more
Warrior Miniatures1/200, 1/65018th to 19th century warships, naval, historical
Warmodelling Miniatures15mmnapoleonic,ancients, carlist wars
Warmodelling Miniatures18mmnaval
Warmodelling Miniatures20mmWWII, world war ii
Warmodelling Miniatures28mmnapoleonic, naval
Warmodelling Miniaturespainting service
Warm Acre Gamesboard games, card games
Warm Acre Games28mmWWII, world war two
Warlord Games28mmancients, historical, napoleonics, WWII, sci-fi, ecw, english civil war
Warlord Gamesrulessci-fi, WWI, historical
Warlord Gamesdice, paints, rules
Fenris Games28mmfantasy, historical, sci-fi, horror
Fenris Games15mm, 28mmscenery
Fenris Gameslaser cut bases, terrain and secenery, bases, custom laser cutting, custom modelmaking, sculpting services, resin casting services, resin busts & collectables
Victory Force Miniatures28mmWWII, world war two, zombies, sci-fi, horror, fantasy, samurai, accessories
Tsuba Miniatures 28mmhistorical
Tin Soldier15mmdark ages, historical, ancients, accessories, fantasy
Tin Soldier25mmWWII, world war two, ancients, ECW, english civil war, accessories, medieval, napoleonic, world war one, WWI, fantasy
Tin Soldierrulesancients, dark ages, historical
Tiger Miniatures28mmbalkan wars, 1918 - winter wars, colonials, renaissance, naval, accessories,
Baccus6mmancients, early mediaeval, crusades, wars of the roses, english civil war, war of the spanish succession, samurai, great northern war, seven years war, american war of independence, napoleonics, risorgimento, austro prussian war, franco prussian war, colonials, great war, fantasy, FPW, ECW, WOTR, AWI, WOSS, SYW
Baccus6mmscenics, bases, basing materials and accessories,
Baccusrulesancients, ECW, WSS, napoleonics, ACW, FPW, great war
Big Red Batrulesancients, medieval
Studio Miniatures28mmsci-fi, horror, post apoc, PA
Steve Barber Models10mm roman, ancients, historical, zulu
Steve Barber Models25mm, 28mmanimals, greek, ancients, zulu, ACW, american civil war, dark ages, napoleonic, naval, scenery, modern
Steve Barber Models42mmaztecs, conquistadores, samurai, three musketeers
Steel Fist Miniatures28mmMedieval, Samurai,
Studio Siberia10mm, 15mmworld war two, modern, WWII
Studio Siberia20mmancients, modern, medieval, renaissance, napoleonic, WWI, WWII, world war one, world war two
Studio Siberia25mm, 28mmrenaissance, napoleonic, russian civil war, modern, WWII, WWI, world war two, world war one, animals, terrain, accessories
Studio Siberia40mmancients, middle ages, renaissance
Studio Siberia54mm, 60mmancients, middle ages, renaissance, modern, WWI, WWII, world war two, world war one, russian civil war, napoleonic, fantasy
SHQ Miniatures20mmmodern, vietnam, WWI, WWI, world war one, world war two, napoleonics, american civil war, ACW, ECW, english civil war,
SHQ Miniatures25mmmodern, vietnam, WWII, world war two, dark ages, chinese, ancients, fantasy, wild west
Firedragon Games LLP28mmscenery, modern, sci-fi, fantasy, accessories, bases, horror
Sgt Major Miniatures15mmsci-fi, fantasy, ancients, medievals, ACW, american civil war, samurai, dark ages, WOTR, wars of the roses, terrain, WWII, world war two, decals,
Sgt Major Miniatures20mmmodern, WWII, world war two, diecast, sci-fi,
Sgt Major Miniatures28mmpulp, sci-fi, fantasy, wild west, ancients, fantasy, animals, historical, horror, zombies
Sgt Major MiniaturesrulesWWII, world war two
Sgt Major Miniaturespaints, glue, brushes, accessories, star wars X-wing
Schilling Figuren

1/72ancient, napoleonic, WWII, ACW, american civil war, world war two, SYW, seven years war
Schilling Figuren28mmnapoleonic, ACW, american civil war, SYW, seven years war
SASH AND SABER CASTINGS25mmamerican civil war, napoleonic, seven years war, ACW, SYW
SASH AND SABER CASTINGS40mmamerican civil war, ACW, AWI, ECW, SYW, american war of independence, napoleonic, english civil war, french and indian war, dark ages, zulu war, plains war, seven years war, ancients, historical, generic figures
Rif Raf Miniatures15mmWWII, world war two, buildings (historical)
Rif Raf Miniatures28mmSCW, spanish civil war
Rif Raf Miniaturespainting service
Renegade Miniatures28mmchinese, dark ages, punic wars, WOTR, wars of the roses, ECW, english civil war, ACW, american civil war, napoleonics, WWI, WWII, world war one, world war two, fantasy (orcs)
Relic Miniatures28mmancients
Repique RulesrulesDie Fighting II-multimedia (video and Print), multi-period, Horse and Musket Rules

Zouave II- Warfare in the age of Transition -1861-1871.
Ground Zero Games2mm, 6mm, 15mm, 25mmsci-fi
Ground Zero Gamesrulessci-fi
Ground Zero Games1/1200, 1/2400, 1/3600starships, spaceships, fleet
Combat Wombat Miniatures15mmsci-fi
Darkest Star Games6mm, 15mmsci-fi
Ground Zero Games25mm / 28mm'adult' figures, nudes
ACP Games15mmsci-fi
TNK Models15mm, 20mm, 28mmpainting service
Dark Realm Miniatures6mmsci-fi
Knuckleduster Miniatures28mm, 32mm, 40mmold west, wild west
Knuckleduster Miniatures32mmsteampunk
Knuckleduster Miniatures28mmwar of 1812
Stan Johansen Miniatures15mmsci-fi
Stan Johansen Miniatures20mmmodern, sci-fi, boxer rebellion
Stan Johansen Miniatures25mmsci-fi
Stan Johansen Miniatures28mmmodern
Stan Johansen Miniaturespainting service
Colonel Bills28mmanimals, adult, historical, buildings (many periods)
Colonel Bills40mmdark ages
Colonel Bills10mmsci-fi buildings
Colonel Bills15mm buildings (many periods)
Colonel Bills20mmWWII buildings
A&A Game Engineeringrulesair, naval
Wargames Supply Dump20mm
WWII, world war two, fantasy, sci-fi
Wargames Supply Dump28mmpulp, terrain, sci-fi, santa claus wars (fantasy)
Baker Company28mmworld war two, WWII, modern, vietnam, zulu
B and B Miniatures20mmWW1, world war one, russian revolution, french foreign legion, Franco-Prussian War, samurai, american war of independance, FFL, AWI
B and B Miniatures25mmjacobite rebellion, american civil war, ACW
Barbarossa Booksbooksmilitary history, military vehicle and modelling books and magazines
Battlefield Miniatures
20mmWWII, world war two
CAMPAIGN GAME MINIATURES15mmancients, WWII, world war two, napoleonic, WWI, world war one, terrain, historical, animals,
CAMPAIGN GAME MINIATURES28mmACW, american civil war, napoleonic, historical, fantasy
Commando Miniatures28mmmodern, modern accessories
Copplestone Castings15mmfantasy,
Copplestone Castings10mmfantasy,
Crusader Miniatures28mmacw, american civil war, ancients, dark ages, crusades, napoleonics, WWII, world war two, SYW, severn years war
Crusader Miniaturesrulesancients, WWII, world war two, horse and musket
East Riding Miniatures15mmancients, medieval, renaissance, WW2, fantasy, animals, world war two, chinese
East Riding Miniatures25mmWWWII, weird world war two, napoleonics, fantasy, sci-fi, modern (gangs)
East Riding Miniatures20mmWWI, WWII, vietnam, modern, world war one, world war two
East Riding Miniatures6mmnaval
East Riding Miniatures1/3000thnaval
East Riding Miniaturesbases, terrain
Elhiem Figures20mmmodern, pulp, sci-fi, world war two, WWII, horror, vietnam, renaissance
FAA Miniatures20mmmodern , world war two, WWII, world war one, WWI
Frontline Wargaming15mm, 20mm, 25mmbuildings, scenery, accessories, scatter terrian
Helion & Company Ltdbooksmilitary, history, prints
Hovels6mmbuildings - historical, modern, horse and musket, scenery
Hovels15mmbuildings, scenery - dark ages, ancients, historical, horse and musket
Hovels20mmbuildings, scenery - modern, accessories
Hovels25mmbuildings, scenery - animals, accessories, ancient, horse and musket, historical, scatter
Langton Miniatures1/300naval, ancient, napoleonic
Langton Miniatures1/200naval WWI world war one
Langton Miniatures1/1200naval, napoleonic, ancient, ACW, american civil war, 18th century, renaissance, anglo dutch
Langton Miniatures15mmscenery - earthworks
Milicast20mmWWII, world war two vehicles
Miniature Figurines and Matchlock Miniatures6mmsci-fi terrain
Miniature Figurines and Matchlock Miniatures10mmACW, ECW, WWI, WWII, american civil war, english civil war, world war one, world war two, modern, buildings, scenery, spanish civil war, sci-fi
Miniature Figurines and Matchlock Miniatures15mmECW, english civil war, dark ages, french indian war, samurai, spanish civil war, ancients, colonial, medieval, napoleonic, fantasy
Miniature Figurines and Matchlock Miniatures25mmancients, medieval, renaissance, napoleonic, american civil war, ACW, fantasy, flags - acw, awi, ecw, napoleonic
Miniature Figurines and Matchlock Miniatures20mm WWI, world war one,
Minimi Miniatures20mmWWII, world war two
Minimi Miniatures28mmboats
MMS Models20mmWWII, world war two
Outpost Wargame Services28mmancient, napoleonic, WWII, world war two, historical, buildings
Outpost Wargame Services15mmdark ages, ancients, chinese, crusdaes, samurai WWII, world war two, FPW, franco prussian war
Outpost Wargame Services1/3600naval
Outpost Wargame Services1/1200naval
Sgts' Mess20mmWWII, world war two, post war, decals
Sgts' Messcasting and mould making service
S&S Models Shop20mm, 28mmWWII, modern post war, world war two
S&S Models Shop28mmterrain
TM terrain bespoke terrain, custom work
Warbasesbases, acrylic tokens, movement trays, laser cut buildings, gaming aids, building accessories, dice. laser cutting MDF service
Warbases28mmbuildings, boats, animals,
Good Ground LLC10mmACW, american civil war
Irregular Miniatures Limited2mmancients, fantasy, sci-fi, renaissance, scenery, terrain, buildings, naval, horse and musket, WWI, WWI, modern, world war one, world war two
Irregular Miniatures Limited6mmbiblical, ancients, dark ages, medieval, feudal, renaissance, italian wars, samurai, asian, napoleonics, historical, colonial, ACW, american civil war, WWI, WWI, world war one, world war two, FPW, franco prussian war, plains wars, moderns, vietnam, fantasy, boats, cars, scenery, buildings, terrain, spanish civil war, sci-fi, dinosaurs, accessories
Irregular Miniatures Limited10mmdark ages, medieval, ancients, fantasy, ECW, english civil war, renaissance, napoleonics, historical, american civil war, ACW, FPW, franco prussian war, WWI, WWII, world war one, world war two, scenery, terrain, buildings, animals
Irregular Miniatures Limited15mmbiblical, ancients, dark ages, samurai, asian, chinese, medieval, SYW, seven years war, AWI, american war of independence, napoleonic, crimean, ACW, colonial american civil war, WWII, world war two, sci-fi, fantasy, animals, modern, building accessories,
Irregular Miniatures Limited20mmbiblical, ancients, medieval, renaissance, ECW, english civil war, AWI, american war of independance, napoleonics, WWI, world war one, WWII, world war two, VBCW, modern, sci-fi, spanish civil war, ACW, american civil war, animals, terrain, scenery, buildings
Irregular Miniatures Limited28mmbiblical, ancients, dark ages, feudal, medieval, renaissance, SYW, seven years war, pirates, historical, napoleonic, ACW, american civil war, wild west, colonial, VBCW, WWI, world war one, modern, sci-fi, fantasy, animals, scatter terrain, buildings, scenery, civilians
Irregular Miniatures Limited42mmbiblical, ancients, feudal, medieval, renaissance, SYW, seven years war, nudes, pirates, historical, napoleonic, ACW, american civil war, WWI, world war one, modern, sci-fi, animals, scatter terrain, buildings, scenery, civilians
Irregular Miniatures Limited54mmsports, ancients, samurai, medieval, renaissance, ECW, english civil war, pirates, AWI, american war of independance, SYW, seven years war, napoleonics, ACW, american civil war, crimean, historical, WWI, WWII, world war one, world war two, vietnam, modern, fantasy, nudes, animals, flags, saucy, spanish civil war, scatter terrain, scenery
Irregular Miniatures Limited75mmfrench & indian wars
Irregular Miniatures Limitedrulesacw, napoleonic, dinosaurs, WWI, WWII, modern, sci-fi, fantasy, ancient, spanish civil war, riots, colonial, horse and musket, armour, riots, naval, pirates, american civil war, world war one, world war two
Caliver Booksbooksmagazines, plates, painting guides
Gringo 40s28mmhistorical, napoleonic, horror, spanish, mexican, sci-fi, riff wars, mesoamerican, garibaldi
Gringo 40s40mmFPW, franco prussian war, american, wild west, historical, mexican, alamo
Crann Tara Miniatures30mm, 1/56'45 rebellion, 18th century , historical
1st Corps25mm, 28mmancients, dark ages, medieval, historical,seven years war, SYW, american civil war, ACW, modern, WWI, WWII, sci-fi, world war one, world war two
Blue Moon Manufacturing15mmancients, the great northern war,malburian, napoleonics, war of 1812, three musketeers, FIW, AWI, ACW, texas war of Independence, old west, pirates, WWI, plus Horror, Pulp, Sci-Fi, scenery, histirical, american war of independance, american civil war, world war one
Blue Moon Manufacturing28mmpulp, fantasy, horror, sci-fi, wild west, characters, buildings, rules
Visceral Impact Studiosrulesmodern, sci-fi, post apoc, PA
Retairis Inc.28mmmedieval
Gothic Line Miniatures28mmWWII, world war two
Minibits28mm buildings - (historical, sci-fi, vsf, modern, fantasy) infantry - (modern, superheroes, pulp)
Minibitsbases, dice, paints, tools, decals, scenery, accessories, counters
Pendraken Miniatures10mmancients, dark ages, renaissance, horse and musket, napoleonics, colonial, WWI, WWII, world war one, world war two, modern, sci-fi, fantasy, buildings, terrain, 18th century, 19th century, SCW, spanish civil war
Pendraken Miniaturesdice, paints, flags, bases, flock, scatter, glue
Vexillia15mmancients, medieval, renaissance, napoleonics, WWII, scenics, flags, world war two, flags, accessories
Vexillia20mmWWII, world war two
Vexillia28mmfantasy, accessories
Khurasan Miniatures15mmWWI, world war one, historical, fantasy, sci-fi, japanese, modern, ECW, english civil war
Khurasan Miniatures28mmsci-fi
Crossover Miniatures 28mmsuper heroes, sci-fi, villains
Gruntz 15mmrulessci-fi
Grand Manoeuvrerulesnapoleonic
Combat Stormrulesmodern (designed for use with green plastic toy soldiers)
Ganesha Gamesrulesacw, ancients, napoleonics, modern, sci-fi, horror, fantasy, pirates, superheroes, monsters, other, kung fu, american civil war, pulp, myth
Crescent Root Studio15mm, 20mm, 28mmbuildings (modern and historical)
Moonlight Miniatures28mmpirates, fantasy
The Wargames Websitewait... what?
Cornishmikey Paintingpainting service
The Commander SeriesrulesWWII, modern, sci-fi, world war two, spanish civil war
Last Man last Bullet6mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 28mmWWII terrain
Last Man last Bullet20mm, 28mmmodern terrain
Grekwood Miniatures28mmsci-fi, fantasy, post apocalyptic, terrain,scenery, scenics, PA
Glenbrook Games and Painting Servicepainting service
Slade Military Booksbooksbritish military history
All The King’s Men Toy Soldiers LLC54mmACW, american civil war, napoloenic, war of 1812, american revolution
Cigar Box Battle Store
battle mats, terrain mats
Renaissance Inkbases, paints, flocking gels, movement trays, tree stands, magnets
Gaming Models15mmWWII vehicles, world war two
Bombshell Gamesrulesmodern, sci-fi, fantasy
Foxhole Terrain15mm, 28mmterrain, scenery, buildings
Soda Pop Miniatures30mmanime, manga
Dead Earth Games28mmPA, post apocalyptic
Dark Sword Miniatures Inc.28mmfantasy
2HourWargamesrulesfantasy, sci-fi, WWII, world war two, horro, PA, pulp, post apocalypse, ancient, medieval, horse and musket, sports, colonial, historical
Urban Construct25mmterrain, scenery, accessories
Fife & Drum Miniatures 28mmamerican war of independence, AWI
Mura Miniatures6mmjapanese buildings
Boot Hill Miniatures28mmtexas war of independence
Grekwood Miniaturespaints, brushes, sculpting accessories, bases
Vexilliabooksmedieval, napoleonic, painting guides
Vexilliapaints, dice, tokens, accessories
Dead Earth GamesrulesPA, post apocalyptic
Brigade Models6mm, 15mmsci-fi infantry, vehicles, buildings
Brigade Models1/3000starships, space
Brigade Models2mmscenery, aeronef, land ironclads
Brigade Models28mmthe great war, fantasy, WWI, world war one
Brigade Modelsdice, bases
Brigade Modelsrulessci-fi, fantasy, aeronef, space, WWI
Brigade Models
Eagle Figures15mmFPW, franco prussian war, napoleonic
Eagle Figures28mmHYW, hundred years war, napoleonic, SYW, seven years war, ECW, ACW, english civil war, american civil war
Philgreg Painterspainting service
The Miniature Service Center40mmAWI, american civil war, SYW, seven years war, french indian war, medieval
ZandrisIV Miniatures6mm, 28mmsci-fi
ZandrisIV Miniaturesstar ships, space ships
Space Vixens from Mars1/3000star ships, space ships
Peter Pig15mm15mm vietnam, ACW, american civil war, ancients, napoleonics, american war of independance, AWI, WWII, world war two, dark ages, pirates, spanish civil war, SCW,
WWI, world war one, wild west, moderns, fantasy, ECW, english civil war, WOTR, colonial, wars of the roses, samurai, scenery
Peter Pig1/600ACW naval
Peter Pig1/450pirates naval
Pulp Action Libraryrulespulp, action, fantasy, sci-fi, sci-fant
Brigade Models10mmsci-fi buildings
Micro Art Studio28mmsteampunk, sci-fi, fantasy, terrain, wild west
Micro Art Studio32mmfantasy
Micro Art Studioacrylic accessories, battle bases, diorama bases, resin terrain, hardfoam terrain, markers, tokens, templates
INDUS Miniatures25mm / 28mmindia, seven years war, indian mutiny, sikh war, SYW, historical
Emperors Library booksmilitary history book collections in PDF
The Wargaming Company, LLCrulesnapoleonic (all scales)
2mm, 3mm, 6mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 28mm
Brigade Games28mmWWI, WWII, napoleonic, 1812, western, gladiators, gangsters, musketeers, pirates, caribbean, FFL, NWF, pulp, historical, french foreign legion, renaissance, vikings, ancients, crimean, king phillip’s war, apocalypse, VSF, sci-fi, gnomes, fantasy, robots, zombies, world war one, world war two, victorian science fiction, north west frontier
Brigade Games15mmpulp, sci-fi
Brigade GamesrulesWWI, WWII, napoleonic, 1812, western, gladiators, gangsters, musketeers, pirates, FFL, NWF, pulp, historical, renaissance, vikings, ancients, crimean, king phillip’s war, apocalypse, VSF, sci-fi, fantasy, zombies, world war one, world war two, victorian science fiction, north west frontier
Brigade Gamespaints, decals, tools, supplies, dice, and more.
EZPainterpainting service
Spacelords25mm / 28mmsci-fi
Bad Squiddo Games
28mm / 32mmfemale miniatures
Red Dragon Gaming15mm / 25mm / 28mmterrain, scenery
The Historical Game Company, LLCbooks, boardgamesGNW, great northern war
CitadelSix Custom Design15mm, 25mm, 28mm, 54mmdecals, historical, bespoke, custom
Age Of Tyrants6mmsci-fi
Gorgon Studios28mmWWII, fantasy, wild west, historical, decals, transfers, horsers
Gomi Designs15mmVietnam Riverine, WWI vehicles
Ramshackle Games20mm, 28mmsci-fi, PA, post apocalyptic
Ainsty Castings28mmsci-fi, scenery, terrain, figures
Across the Dead Earth 28mmPA, post apocalyptic rules, figures
Neutronyork300028mmPA, post apocalyptic
Amera Plastic Mouldings15mm, 25mm, 3mm, 1/600, 1/72terrain, scenery
Bad Roll Games30mmPA, post apocalyptic
Anvil Eight Gamesboardgamesci-fi
Nexus Miniatures30mmsci-fi
Dixon Miniatures28mmwwii, WWII, historical, zulu, yakuza, vikings
Dixon Miniatures25mmECW, samurai, ancients, napoleonics, old wets, plains, pirates, historical, FIW, american revoloution
Dixon Miniatures15mmindian mutiny, marlburian
Dixon Miniaturesrulesacw, samurai, WWI, WWII, wwi, wwii, wild west, other
Perfect Six Scenics6mmterrain, scenery, buildings
Flytrap Factorycasting, sculpting and mould making
Flytrap Factory15mmmoderns, vietnam
Flytrap Factory28mmanthropomorphic, pulp, sci-fi
C in C6mmsc-fi, wwii, modern, aircraft
C in C1/2400naval
C in C1/1200naval
C in C1/4800naval
Litko Game Accessories tokens, accessories, markers, laser cut mdf, tools and supplies
Doms Decalsdecalsnumerous scales and periods
Evil Bear Wargames15mm, 28mmnear future, modern, ultra modern
Commando Miniatures28mmmodern
Laser Terrain Co15mm, 25mmsci-fi terrain
Dark Art Studios28mm, 32mmfantasy, terrain, scenery
Imperial Miniatures54mmToy soldiers
Icarus Miniatures35mmsci-fi
GameCraft Miniatures6mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 28mmterrain, minis wwii, modern, sci-fi
GameCraft Miniaturesbases, hexes, accessories, paints, etc
Panzerknacker Gamesboardgames, tabletop games
Panzerknacker Games6mmterrain, scenery
BBB - Bloody Big BATTLES!rules19th century
Vanguard Miniatures6mmsci-fi
MJ Figures28mmsci-fi, fantasy
MJ Figures20mmacw, historical, modern, sci-fi
MJ Figures10mmacw
MJ Figures15mmmodern, sci-fi
A Small Matterpainting service
Mad Bob Miniatures28mmWWII, ww2
Via Ludibunda28mmfantasy, fantasy terrain, fantasy scenery
Debris Of War15mm, 28mmscenery and terrain, scatter material, bespoke items.
Conqueror Models15mmsci-fi, WWII, WW2
Conqueror Models10mm, 12mmbuildings
Conqueror Models28mmNapoleonics, Indian Mutiny, Fantasy (coming shortly)
Gydran Miniatures Studio28mm, 1/56sci-fi
Echidna Gamesrulessci-fi, fantasy
Capitan Games15mm, 28mmnapoleonics
Capitan Games10mm, 18mmnapoleonic naval
Capitan Games20mmWWII
Capitan Games10mmancients naval
Capitan Games28mmacw, napoleonics
Capitan Gamesrulesnaval, acw, WWII, napoleonics
Shellhole Scenics20mmmexican revolution, scenery, rules, WWI, WWII
Battlescale10mm, 6mmscenery, terrain
Blotz6mm, 10mm, 15mmterrain, modern, WWII, sci-fi
Jamie Tranter - Miniature Painterpainting service, painter
Jon's Painting Servicepainting servcie, painter
RBJ Game Company28mmsci-fi
Miniature Heroespaints, bases, bits
Miniature Heroes15mm, 25mm,fantasy, sci-fi
Krakon Games28mmfantasy, sci-fi
Tiny Tin Troopsflags, bases, magnetic bases, card figures, card models
Blotz20mmterrain, modern, WWII
Blotz25mmterrain, modern, WWII, sci-fi, ancients, wild west, dark age, japanese bases, tokens, templates, accessories
Bespoke Battlefields15mm, 25mm, 28mm, 32mmbespoke scenery, terrain
Take Cover Scenics6mm, 10mm, 15mm, 25mm, 28mmbespoke scenery, terrain
Tunnies Terrainbespoke scenery, terrain
Mike's Painting Site2mm, 3mm, 6mm, 10mm, 15mmpainting
K-Kraft Miniatures20mmsci-fi
Boon Town Metals15mm

sci-fi scenic accessories, scenery, inks, washes
Adler Miniatures6mmNapoleonic, SYW, AWI, ACW, WW2 Infantry, WWII
Adler Miniatures10mmCeasarian Roman,
Adler Miniatures20mmWWII, WW2, German Panzer Grenadiers,
German vehicle crews,
British in Windproofs
Novus Design Studio6mmterrain, scenery
Novus Design Studio15mmwwii, WWII, terrain, scenery
Novus Design Studio28mmwwii, sci-fi, fantasy, medieval, scenery
Minairons Miniatures28mm (1/56 scale) SCW, Interwar vehicle, flags
Minairons Miniatures20mm (1/72 scale)SCW, Interwar, WWII figures, vehicles, flags, decals and scenery
Minairons Miniatures15mm (1/100 scale)SCW, Interwar, WWII vehicles, flags, decals, scenery and aircraft
Minairons Miniatures10mm (1/144 scale)SCW aircraft and decals
Minairons Miniatures3mm (1/600 scale)Age of Sail ships and naval flags
Minairons Miniaturespaints, bases, rules
OSHIRO modelterrain15mmJapanese terrain, scenery, buildings
OSHIRO modelterrain28mmJapanese terrain, scenery, buildings
OSHIRO modelterrainbespokebespoke model making
Stone Mountain Miniatures, Inc.1/1200, 6mm, 10mm, 15mm, 25-28mmFlags
Stone Mountain Miniatures, Inc.paints, rules
Stone Mountain Miniatures, Inc.6mmEuropean, ACW , sci-fi, buildings, fortifications, terrain
Stone Mountain Miniatures, Inc.15mmAWI, ACW, colonial, WWI, WWII, Napoleonics, terrain, scenery, buildings, ancients
Stone Mountain Miniatures, Inc.1/1200ACW Ironclads
Grimforge Miniatures28mmfantasy. sculpting, busts
Khadrin's Miniatures15mmfantasy
Danger Close Miniatures40mmmoderns
Wargames Design Workshop25mm, 28mmfantasy, historical, ancients, wwii, WW2
Battle Studiospainting service
All Rolled Updice, dice bags, gaming accessories, counters, bags, trays, The Cthulhu Hack
Da Green One 28mmsci-fi accessories, orks, 40,000, 40k
Infamous JT28mmmodern, WWII, WW2
Day Dream Miniatures28mm, 1/72ndancients, acw, animals
Wee Wolf Miniatures28mmsci-fi, GNW, FPW, WWI, WW1
Powerhouse Miniaturespainting service (40k specialist)
Dice Mechanic Games20mmCyberpunk, PA , car combat
Second ThunderOpen CombatUniversal historical and or fantasy skirmish rules.
Tomb Guardians28mmfantasy
Butlers' Printed Models6mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 28mmprinted models, WWI, WWII, ww1, ww2, terrain
Pedionmodular terrain tiles
Bridge Miniatures25mm, 28mmhistorical, fantasy, sci-fi, samurai
JTP Paintingpainting service
Warmonger Miniatures10mmhistorical, Landsknechte
Pulp Alley28mmpulp rules and figures
Fluid 3D Workshop28mmterrain, bases
Tiny WargamesBattle mats, mats, cloth, terrain
Crippled God Foundry25mm, 28mm, 30mm, 32mmFantasy
Trilaterum Miniatures

15mmSci-fi, Figures, terrain and rules
Corvus Games Terrain25mm to 34mm3D terrain, stl files and printed copies, sci-fi, post apoc, PA, fantasy
Forge of Doom Miniatures32mmfantasy, Sword & Sorcery miniatures
DRS Models15mmsci-fi
The Little Soldier Company28mmLicenced Noggin the Nog, Tenoch reptilians, Political caricatures
Wargames Atlantic28mmhistorical, sci-fi, fantasy, plastic
War Sigil Terrain Matsterrain mats
Barbaric Splendor32mm, 28mmfantasy
Flatpack Forces28mmprinted, full colour flat miniatures
Fogou Models28mmsci-fi, historicals, fantasy, terrain
Bears Head Miniatures28mm, 32mmfantasy, sci-fi, animals, misc.
Geek Villain Limitedbattle mats, rules, terrain, accessories, paints, painting service.
Triguard Miniatures40mmawi, Medieval, syw, fiw
M&C model painting servicepainting service
2D6 Wargaming6mmWW2, WWII, World War 2, Dark Ages, Feudal Japan.
Culverin Models28mm3d printed, terrain, fantasy, sci-fi,
Diehard Miniatures28mmfantasy, sci-fi

6mmfantasy, sci-fi
M&C Model Paintingpaints, tufts, scenery, brushes, accessories
M&C Model Painting20mmmoderns
Orinoco Miniatures28mmSouth American Wars of Independence, Chaco War
Bac Ninh Miniatures28mm
Samurai, Boshin War
Cromarty Forge10mmfantasy
Cibo's Little Dudes10mmfantasy
Cibo's Little Dudes28mmmodern, historical, napoleonic
Cibo's Little Dudes18mmnapoleonic
Excellent Miniatures10mm, 28mm, 32mm, 40mm, 56mmfantasy
May '40 Miniatures28mmWW2, WWII, accessories
Lancer Miniatures10mmfantasy, acw, historical, ancients, napoleonics, ww2, awi
Lancer Miniatures20mmww2, ww1, historical
Lancer Miniatures28mmsci-fi, fantasy, historical, ancients

20mmWW2, Modern
10mm, 28mmScenery, terrain
Goblin Gaming28mmfantasy, horror, sci-fi, historical, gw, games workshop, aos, 40k
Goblin Gamingpaints, dice, accessories, terrain, consumables, roleplaying, rpgs, ccgs, boardgames, cardgames

TWW does not endorse in any way the companies listed here.

If you have a gaming company of your own and want to be added to the directory then e-mail me with your company name, company URL and each ‘scale’ and its associated 'period' per line.
So something like this:

Sam’s Figures and Stuff

6mm fantasy, modern, WWII
15mm sci-fi, napoleonics, ancients
20mm post apocalyptic
25mm terrain
54mm terrain
Dice, paints, bases

Conversely if you have a company that is listed here and you want it removed, please e-mail me.