Dungeon Scum players get a new place to visit: A reeking, toxic marsh full of angry over-sized frogs and angry, normal-sized goblins.

You can pick up the new adventure location at the usual placeĀ HERE

It includes a total of 20 encounters to overcome, and can be slotted directly into pretty much any campaign.


If you already own Dungeon Scum, don't forget to pick up the first location publishedĀ HERE

And if you have no idea what Dungeon Scum is, it's NWG's fantasy character game, allowing you to play out the fun parts of dungeon delving and fantasy adventure, without the tedium of mapping out every floor tile.

Rules are based off the Starport Scum system and comes with a load of spells and magical items for you. Perfect for solo gaming as well.


Happy gaming everybody.