We'll be staging the third Joy of Six wargames show at Sheffield Hallam University on Sunday, 19th July. We're naturally expecting 6mm wargamers from all over the country to be attending, but the organising team want to make one thing absolutely clear:

This Is Not Just a Show for the 6mm Community!

No, it's an event for the whole hobby, no matter what your scale interest/bias/prejudice may be.


We know:

I can't see them, never mind play games with them! I'd go blind painting things so small! I just wouldn't have the patience!

Or even the good old…

Just too small!

We've heard these and other sentiments just like them thousands of times before. The Joy of Six offers the perfect chance for us to put all these hoary old myths to bed.


The pages of various forums have been awash with debate about how tired the U.K. show scene has become. More of the old same old, same old. Let's paint a different scenario for you:

Lots of very high-class wargaming demos. Games that would win awards in their own rights at general shows, but where the people staging the games are actually interested in talking to you and letting you feel part of their game.

Lots of games where you can actually join in and play, across a wide range of genres and periods.

A free, hands-on painting clinic where you can sit down and try to prove that you can't see or paint 6mm figures well enough, or alternatively be surprised as to how easy it actually is.

Rolling seminars throughout the day to give a break from tabletop action.

A show with a real buzz of excitement to it that is as full at closing time as it is in the morning.

You can find out more details here.
We dare you to come and have a look at what 6mm gaming has to offer. We know you won't be disappointed, and you may well be very pleasantly surprised to see your 6mm boat floating very buoyantly…