Eureka 18mm WSS Catalonians

Fighting 15s licensed to produce War of Spanish Succession range

Eureka Miniatures of Australia’s first figures in its new War of Spanish Succession (WSS) range are the Catalonians for 1701-14. The release includes line infantry, grenadiers, migueletes, artillery crews, line cavalry and hussars.

The figures are available in Europe through Fighting 15s.

The Catalonians are cast to order in the UK by Fighting 15s using licensed moulds, thus reducing the potential for delay caused by shipping in bulk from Australia. The WSS range joins Eureka’s 18mm Seven Years War range as figures that are cast in the UK under licence by Fighting 15s.

Packs cost £4.00 including VAT for eight infantry or four cavalry and £2.00 including VAT for four artillery crewmen. Casting under licence means that Fighting 15s is able to set ex-tax prices that are currently equivalent to Eureka’s ex-tax prices (around 42p excluding VAT for a foot figure).