Terra-Block:Exotic Locations is a set of 28mm tabletop wargames terrain that I have been developing for the last 6 months. The concept is inspired by the movie industry, so we have 'Locations', these are the buildings. The Locations are Rick's Cafe, The Museum of Antiquities, The Ancient Souk and Riad El Hasam. Rick's Cafe is the 'core location', you need the pieces from this to complete the other locations, so for example The Museum of Antiquities contains the pieces that you need to add to Rick's Cafe to transform it into the Museum.

For each location we have developed 'Set Dressings'. These kits provide the pieces to furnish the Sets, so for example the Set Dressings for Rick's Cafe includes the tables and chairs, heart shaped bar etc. and the Set Dressings for the Ancient Souk contains the market stalls, packing cases, hand cart etc.

The reason that we have launched 'Exotic Locations' as an Indiegogo campaign is because we want to expand our terrain to include 'Set Props', the small 'bits and pieces' that bring the set to life such as piles of spices and dates for the market stalls and table lamps for the cafe. We have commissioned a sculptor to sculpt our initial props, so more about these when we have some production casts to share.

The campaign went live on Indiegogo yesterday (10th November) and will be running for 28 days (until 8th December). Backers can enjoy a 10% discount compared to RRP and a number of Indiegogo exclusive extras. We plan to ship during February 2017. Once we have fulfilled all pledges to our backers the range will be available at retail.

Full details at: Exotic Locations