Yes mighty adventurers, the time has come to leave the Burning Sands behind and head for less scorching climes.

Sail the Southern Oceans aboard the Atalanta.

Explore the cave of the Ape Men

What lies inside?
Grey Apes perhaps...

Or maybe discover the treasures of the Ghoul Crypt?

But where are the treasures?
Maybe hidden under ground...

But WHAT are the treasures?
Arrgh Ghouls are inside, Shia Surprise!

Running for your life from the Ghouls of the Crypt.
Their claws are sharp as blades, the Ghouls of the Crypt.
Running through the Jungle.
Mindless undead, Ghouls of the Crypt.

Lurking underground, the Ghouls of the Crypt...
Killing for food, the Ghouls of the Crypt.
Eating lost heroes.
Actual cannibals, Ghouls of the Crypt.

Quick, back to the ship!

It's drifted from the shoreline.
The Atalanta has moved.
Your armour is too heavy, so are your boots.
Never going to swim there.
Going to have lose them, take off your clothes.

Naked Erland.

Great for swimming, posing and a multitude of conversions.