EZPainter end of year system overhaul

The painters over at EZPainter have announced that they will be making some big changes at the end of this year. This includes but is not limited to:

New "basic" rate that is an improvement on the current lv1.
Painting logs to be kept so that we can actually log the specific colours of your army meaning that when you want to add that new detachment or "big gun" we have the colours all saved ready to replicate out of the bag, no dramas!
New monthly membership with exclusive savings!
Return of the customer loyalty scheme! 
- Incorporated basing! 

So make sure you get your current quote requests in by the end of the month (22nd) you won’t have to pay anything this year necessarily (we know it’s Christmas so that’s difficult for some right now!) but any quote request in by the 22nd and deposit paid by the 1st of January will be charged at the current rates.

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Kind regards

Arthur – Lead painter at EZPainter.