EZPainter January Blues Deal

Ever felt like January is out to get you? With all of those unwanted bills and holiday costs that are lingering in your sights…but all you really want to do is get those nice shiny toys from the holidays painted up and on the gaming table? This is the painting deal for you.

January is officially the Monday of months, it sucks and sometimes you want to get new toys…sometimes you just want your old ones on the table already! With EZPainter fast and efficient client oriented services you can do just that and now it’s 15% cheaper for the remainder of January. So shrug off those blues, place an order and get your game on this year with the trusted assistance of EZPainter.

There is no catch to the deal so simply jump over to ezpainter.co.uk or sling an email with the work you have and want painted to – [email protected] and you will get an email with a quote that includes this awesome deal.