New Frost Giants at Badger Games!

The Badger is really excited about this release from RavenClaw as he is in the process of putting together an over-the-top SAGA: Age of Magic Norse heroes War Band! RavenClaw has a new logo and to celebrate released to fantastic new miniatures (tongue in cheek).

There are two gigantic kits. Both of resin and easy to assemble. Shown for scale are a 28mm Pontoonier Miniatures Norse Irish figure and a RavenClaw Yeti (ogre sized) both shown for scale only and both also great for SAGA Age of Magic (and available only from Badger Games).

We are so excited about this released that we are raffling off one Frost Giant to be shipped free to anywhere in the world. Just send us an email with your name and address before 11:00 AM CST on October 6.

RavenClaw has a ridiculous amount of new releases planned for 2019 and 2020. Be sure to watch this space and of course follow us @BadgerGamesLLC on Facebook and Twitter.