Curteys Miniatures 28mm Feudal Knight Sets

Each set contains 1 mounted knight with jousting lance and shield (a spear tipped wire lance can be supplied on request), 1 mounted knight with hand weapon and shield, 1 dismounted knight with hand weapon and shield, HDF bases and heraldic water slide transfers for all the figures.

Retailing at £12 per set.

Sets currently available.

CLKset01 Sir William Marshall

CLKset02 Otten Cazeneuve

CLKset04 Thomas Lord Berkley

CLKset03 William Wallace

CLKset05 Earl of Oxford

CLKset06 Simon De Montfort

CLKset07 Sir Phillip Darcy

CLKset08 Maurice de Berkley

CLKset09 King Edward I

CLKset10 Lord John Beauchamp of Warwick

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