Our casting room is out of action, because Storm Ciara has taken the felt off the roof. We will be moving moulds and casting machines over the next day or so to get that side of the operation back in action.

Our packing and stock room is also out of action, because the roofing felt severed the power supply when it flew off. We are therefore unlikely to get orders out to customers in the next few days. Accordingly, the online shop is temporarily closed to new orders.

A builder will be coming on Tuesday to properly assess the damage and hopefully to waterproof the casting room roof again until a permanent replacement can be installed. There’s a limit to what can be done today because the wind has yet to die down sufficiently to allow much work to be done outside.

This is a once in a lifetime break in service caused by atrocious weather with hurricane force winds. Fighting 15s and Gladiator Miniatures aims to be up and running again as soon as possible.